What is CBD?

Top Shelf CBD™️ is derived from Hemp and has a multitude of uses  It can be used to make high quality health & wellness products. 

Is there a charge for shipping?

Shipping of your Top Shelf CBD™️ is free!

Who is Top Shelf™️?

Top Shelf™️ was founded by TJ Werth in 2012. The concept to bring high quality cannabis products to  the market at reasonable prices has proven to be a success! 

What is CBD isolate?

Top Shelf CBD™️ ISO is highly refined, locally sourced, and third-party tested. Free of impurities, it is the  Highest quality, premium health & wellness product.. Use the 1/32 teaspoon provided for 50mg 

Where does Top Shelf™️ Get their CBD?

Top Shelf CBD™️ Is Grown in Arlington Wa under license from the Wa state department of agriculture. 

Have Any Questions?

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Phone: (425) 495-4305 Email: topshelfwacbd@gmail.com